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The Diocese is run by the Bishop who is elected to this position by a house of clergy and a house of laity. The process is a complex one and is set out in the Canons and Rules of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa.
Our Diocese has 76 parishes, chapelries, and numerous organisations including schools, retirement homes and Diocesan branches of parish guilds. These are loosely divided into 10 regions (archdeaconry) and each one is overseen by an Archdeacon.
All property and legal matters in the Diocese are run by the Diocesan Trustees. Some members of the Trustees are appointed by the Bishop while other lay Trustees are elected at Synod. All property in the Diocese is registered in the name of the Trustees.

All the financial affairs of the Diocese are run by the Diocesan Finance Board. Some members are ex officio members, while others are appointed for their financial expertise. These appointments are made by the Bishop and the Archdeacons, and include the Bursar and the deputy Bursar, the Diocesan Executive Officer and representatives of each Archdeaconry. The Bishop may also appoint additional members on the recommendation of the DFB. The DFB operates under the authority of the Trustees.

 Media release by the Anglican Bishop of Johannesburg, the Rt Revd Dr Steve Moreo

Johannesburg, Wednesday 20 October 2021


Johannesburg Anglican Bishop strongly refutes false reports regarding Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

For immediate release

Social media reports circulating worldwide that quote the Anglican Bishop of Johannesburg, the Rt Revd Dr Steve Moreo, as having said Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu had died, are false and malicious.

The Diocese of Johannesburg decries the falsehood being spread on social media and asks people to respond with extreme caution to fake media reports such as this.



The Diocese of Johannesburg is part of The Anglican Church of Southern Africa. The Diocese has 76 parishes (churches) which are organised into ten regions, each of which is headed by an Archdeacon.  The Diocese was formed in 1922 from the southern part of the Diocese of Pretoria, and at that time included the whole of the then southern Transvaal. Today it comprises the central part of Gauteng province. The Cathedral of the Diocese of Johannesburg is the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary the Virgin. The headquarters of the Diocese and the Bishop’s office are at St Joseph’s Diocesan Centre in Sophiatown, Johannesburg. 

Remaining Days and Hours before the start of Synod

The Second Agenda Book for the 66th Session of Synod has been released and is given below.

Second Agenda Book for 66th Synod 2021

The Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg will be having its 66th Session of the Diocesan Synod which will be held virtually on the 25th to the 27th November 2021.






The First Agenda Book has been completed and is downloadable from the link below.

First Agenda Book for 66th Synod 2021



The 2020 Annual Financial Statements for the Diocese of Johannesburg are available on the link below.

2020 Annual Financial Statements for the Diocese of Johannesburg

Statement by the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg, on the outcome of the hearing before the Labour Court of South Africa relating to Bishop Bavin School, Johannesburg, 30 June 2020

Anglican Church welcomes outcome of Labour Court hearing

The Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg welcomes the outcome of the hearing today by the Labour Court relating to the employment of employees of Bishop Bavin School in Bedfordview. The spokesperson for the Diocese, and the board of the school, the Very Revd Xolani Dlwathi (who is also Dean of St Mary’s Cathedral), noted that the Order handed down by Mr Justice J van Niekerk had been agreed to by both parties.

He noted further that the Consent Order ensured that the employees bringing the motion before the Court were not left in any doubt as to the status of their contracts of employment with the Bishop Bavin School, and that their contracts of employment had not been terminated (through retrenchment or otherwise) by the school at any point in time.

Dean Dlwathi said the school and the church had been encouraged by the spirit of co-operation between the two parties during the hearing.

The closure of the school was announced earlier this month, when it was confirmed that the school was in financial distress, and that its current combined deficit amounted to R31.5-million.

Ends statement


The Dean of St Mary’s Cathedral, the Very Revd Xolani Dlwathi at [email protected]



Why was this Logo chosen? An explanation may be found by

Bishop Brian Germond, the members of Chapter and the leaders of the 9 Resource Teams met in January, 2002. A gift from God, our shared Diocesan Vision was captured in writing after 3 days of prayer to discern God’s will; reviewing the previous 6+ years of Indabas, Synod Conferences and Diocesan structures; and the consequent discussion around the way forward for the Diocese of Johannesburg.

The full text of our Diocesan Vision – that inspired the creation of the Logo below – may be found by clicking here. The Vision was unanimously adopted, after being introduced to and debated by delegates and pastoral unit representatives, at the Diocesan Synod Conference in March, 2002.

Synods & 


In the Anglican Church, the Synod is the Public AGM which is held every 3 years.

To access all the information around recent Synods, click on View all.

If you need more clarity around this please do not hesitate to contact Ivy Matthews at [email protected] or at telephone number 011 375 2700.

Have you visited the new Diocesan Centre?

St Joseph's Centre

It has been completely renovated keeping much of the original fabric and it is truly magnificent. Set in tranquil grounds it is an uplifting place to find our Bishop, Diocesan Secretary and all the Diocesan Office staff as well as the Publishing Department.

There numerous meeting rooms available to hold functions that can be booked and there is some office space available to rent on a monthly basis if you are looking for a happy home within the community of the Diocese.

Have you considered St Joseph’s as a venue for one of your Parish activities?



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My Anglican is a central database for the Anglican Church. It is designed to hold the records of all church structures, church organisations, clergy and laity. Holding all this data in one centralised secure online database gives us the ability to act as one united church showing the love of Christ.

To register or update your details on My Anglican, please go to Please note that since the update of the site, you will have to re-register. Don’t forget you MUST use the same email address that is used by your church.

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