About Us

What is our Vision?

Our Vision as the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg is: To Achieve the Shared Vision and Practice of the Ministry of All Believers

Where are positioned?

The Diocese of Johannesburg spans across the Geographical area from central to western part of the Province of Gauteng. The Diocese of Johannesburg spans across 4 municipalities namely, City of Johannesburg, Mogale City Local Municipality, Rand West City Municipality and Merafong City Municipality.
The Diocese of Johannesburg has a population of 5.25 million citizen (2011). This is largely due to the densely populated City of Johannesburg which constitutes 84% of the total population of the Diocese.

Who is our Bishop?

The Right Revd Dr Stephen Mosimanegape Moreo

I grew up in an Anglican family in North West Province and attended church regularly. In fact, when my father was a sub-deacon, I was a server. I knew, from an early age, that I wanted to serve God through the Church for the rest of my life.

In 1978 this feeling became much stronger and finally, during a service at a Methodist church, Revd. Ike Moloabi, leading the service called for those who felt a calling to the ministry to step forward. I felt compelled to respond. Revd. Ike Moloabi has remained my mentor to this day.

Who are the Archdeacons?

Region 1

The Venerable Lynda Shimmin

Lynda explored a call to full time ministry in the UK at Trinity College, Bristol in 1972, twenty two years before women were ordained to the priesthood!  The then College Dean of Women and Principal (Joyce Baldwin and Alex Motyer) recommended gaining life experience and coming back in a few years ‘if the call hadn’t gone away’.  Actively involved in her church at the height at the Charismatic renewal in the UK, Lynda met and married her husband Graham and before they’d been married a year his company posted him to South Africa. 

REGION 1 comprises the following Parishes:

Orange Grove, Houghton, Bramley, Orchards, Parkview, Yeoville

Region 2

The Venerable Wayne Saldanha

REGION 2 comprises the following Parishes:

Region 3

The Venerable Diana Thorburn

Revd Diana has lived in the Johannesburg area all her life. She became actively involved in church life from high school – before that, she “just attended church”.

She was made a Deacon on 9 October 1993 and served both at St John the Divine, Belgravia and at St Margaret of Scotland, Bedfordview in that capacity.

She was priested on 24 June 2000 and served at Bedfordview as Assistant Priest before moving to her present position as Rector of St Patrick’s Malvern.

REGION 3 comprises the following Parishes:

#Bezuidenhout Valley

Region 4

The Venerable Kagelelo Mphetolang

He was born and raised in Gaborone, Botswana, is married to Lineo Lipholo-Mphetolang and is a father of 2 girls Thabelang and Letlotlo.

He was trained in the College of Transfiguration, graduated in 2007, spent time in Rippon College, Cuddesdon, England and graduated with a Masters of Arts in Theology, majoring in Ethics from The University of The South, Tennessee, USA in 2010.

His areas of interest are African philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology and Christian counseling.

REGION 4 comprises the following parishes:

Khutsong, *Khutsong South, Carletonville, #Fochville, #Wedela, #Westonaria, Bekkersdal, #Simunye, Mohlakeng

Region 5

The Venerable Douglas Torr

REGION 5 comprises the following Parishes:

Kagiso 1
Kagiso 2
Weltevreden Park

Region 6

The Venerable Oupakie Moruthane

REGION 6 comprises the following Parishes:

Jabavu – St Pauls
#Central Western Jabavu

Region 7

The Venerable Shona Fleming

After a deep and powerful experience of the healing love of God at the age of 14, Shona felt that God was calling her to help others connect with God and experience themselves and others as beloved by God. She took a long and convoluted journey to ordained ministry but was always involved in ministry where ever she has found herself. 

Shona first completed a BSc(Med) from the University of the Witwatersrand and worked in the corporate world. Both at university and at work Shona started cell groups and met with others for prayer, study and reflection. 

REGION 7 comprises the following Parishes:

Rabie Ridge

Region 8

The Venerable Michelle Pilet

The Revd. Michelle Pilet was born and grew up in Queenstown, in the Eastern Cape. She was blessed to be actively involved in both the Anglican and Dutch Reformed Churches from a young age, and grew up in a dual-medium household speaking English and Afrikaans. After attending Rhodes University, Grahamstown, from whence she graduated with a BA. Hons (in English and Afrikaans-Nederlands), she came to Johannesburg to work back her bursary from SABC. During her time at the SABC, she picked up her theological studies with T.E.E.C. (Theological Education by Extension College). At the same time, she became part of the Johannesburg Diocesan discernment process. Michelle was ordained deacon in 1989 and priested in 1994. She has administered with God in the faith-communities of St. Peter’s (Auckland Park), St. Michael’s (Bryanston), and St. Margaret’s (Bedfordview). At present, she is serving as the Rector St. Paul’s (Parkhurst).

REGION 8 comprises the following Parishes:


Region 9

The Venerable Kagiso Molefe

REGION 9 comprises the following Parishes:

Diepkloof – St James
Diepkloof – St Stephens
Orlando – St Johns
Orlando – St Mrys
Orlando – Holy Cross

Region 10

The Venerable Thato Molipa

REGION 10 comprises the following Parishes:

Protea Glen
Protea South

Region 11

Dean Xolani Dlwathi

REGION 11 comprises the following Parishes:
Auckland Park

How are we governed?

Constitutions and Canons
Diocesan Synod
Diocesan Rules
Diocesan Council
Diocesan Chapter
Diocesan Trustees
Diocesan Finance Board
Diocesan Trustees Executive

How we are managed?

Diocesan Administration Office
Property Management

HR and Administration


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Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.