Diocesan Officials

The Diocese is run by the Bishop who is elected to this position by a house of clergy and a house of laity. The process is a complex one and is set out in the Canons and Rules of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa. Click the link on the left for details of our Bishop.

The Bishop appoints the Dean, who frequently acts as the Vicar General in the absence of the Bishop and is generally the most senior clergy person after the Bishop.

Our Diocese has 75 parishes, chapelries, and numerous organisations including schools, retirement homes and Diocesan branches of parish guilds. These are loosely divided into thirteen regions (archdeaconry) and each one is overseen by an Archdeacon. Details of the Archdeaconries and the contact details of the Archdeacons can be found by clicking the button at the top of the Home page.

All property and legal matters in the Diocese are run by the Diocesan Trustees. Some members of the Trustees are appointed by the Bishop while other lay Trustees are elected at Synod. All property in the Diocese is registered in the name of the Trustees.

All the financial affairs of the Diocese are run by the Diocesan Finance Board. Some members are ex officio members, while others are appointed for their financial expertise. These appointments are made by the Bishop and the Archdeacons, and include the Bursar and the deputy Bursar, the Diocesan Secretary and representatives of each Archdeaconry. The Bishop may also appoint additional members on the recommendation of the DFB. The DFB operates under the authority of the Trustees.

More details about all of these officials and bodies and their functions may be found by clicking on the Rules and Guidelines tab at the top of the Home Page.

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