Our vision, as the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg, is:

To achieve a shared vision and practice of the ministry of all believers. This means that every parishioner takes responsibility to contribute in an effective way to the life of the faith community and to be an effective Christian presence and witness in the broader community.

This requires the spiritual growth of all believers, which leads to a deepening relationship with God, others, oneself and creation. Central to this formation is the development of Gospel values in our lives. Spiritual formation involves, among other things, personal prayer, Bible study, regular communion and worship, work for justice and reconciliation, concern for people and the environment, speaking about Jesus openly as the Lord whom we know, giving financially to support the work of the church, giving personal service to the church and the community, and living holy and healthy sexual lives. All this involves a lifelong process of growth and learning.

This formation will require visionary servant leaders in all aspects of the church’s life, whose example empowers others to live and grow as disciples and servants of Jesus Christ.

The spiritual growth and ministry of all believers is dependent on vibrant Christian community:
 in which all are welcome to belong and participate
 in which the active participation of young people and children is valued and encouraged
 in which worship is dynamic and includes the whole worshipping community
 in which healing and reconciliation are a visible reality
 in which the humanity of each member grows in relation with others
 in which dynamic small groups build up the individual into community
 in which the love of Christ is experienced, made visible, and given to the world.

Our vision of the ministry of all believers spiritually formed in Christian community requires that we:

1. Respond to the HIV pandemic. Therefore, we commit ourselves to
 substantially reducing the HIV infection rate in our communities by living holy and healthy sexual lives and transforming the socio-economic conditions in which the pandemic thrives.
 providing care and support for those infected with and affected by HIV/Aids.

2. Our vision requires a growing, inter-dependent relationship with the other dioceses in the CPSA, in Africa and in the wider Anglican Communion. It requires also that we co-operate and work closely with other Christian churches to achieve social peace and justice, to build community and share common experiences and worship of God.

3. Our vision requires that we engage prophetically and pro-actively in social justice issues in community, community projects and government, supporting or challenging policy and practice in the light of Christian values.

4. Our vision requires that we develop and implement evangelistic programmes that:
 will equip all our members to live and express their faith within the world.
 will lead to new church plantings, especially in new developing communities.

Our prayer is that this vision has been faithfully received from God. As we have received it faithfully, may we live it faithfully, that it may be a blessing to us, and through us to our world.