Parish Council Training

As the Diocese of Johannesburg, we have recognised the importance of ensuring that the Parish Council members are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to be able to lead. We will continue to improve this training as the years progress and the needs change. We will continue trying out new formats of delivering the content as well to ensure its relevance and applicability. The main topic covered in the training are:

  1. Church Governance – an explanation of the Provincial Constitutions and Canons as well as the Diocesan Rules,
  2. Pastoral Standards as contained in the Canons,
  3. Role of Parish Council, and
  4. The tools required to assist Parish Councils to function.

Strategic Planning Training

Over the past 4 years, the Diocese of Johannesburg has intentionally discussed the implementation of the Vision through the Strategic Objectives of the Diocese. In 2017 a programme was setup where 3 sessions were held for groups of Archdeaconries to understand this implementation through the Parish Leadership. This training will continue in 2018 at Parish level where needed. The main topics covered in this training are:

  1. Understanding the Diocesan Structure,
  2. Reminder of the Vision and Strategic Objectives,
  3. Vision implementation examples using portfolios, annual planning and related reporting, and
  4. A case study for the participant to roll up their sleeves and practically plan for vision implementation.